Saturday Lineup



Awesome, catchy, electric tunes led by haunting vocals. First saw them a few weeks ago on a hot Saturday afternoon in a tiny eyeglasses shop on the LES. With a crowd of less than 20, they put on an amazing intimate show and having seen them since in a larger venue, I know this wasn’t just a fluke. Needless to say, I’m hooked and you will be too if you check them out at the Bushwick Walkabout.



Its difficult to create a somber sound while uplifting enough to offer a small glimmer of hope. All is NOT lost when listening to Ravens and Chimes and after reading up on what happened to them while recording their album, one can not be tempted to think is life begining to imitate art or the opposite?



Besides a tumblr account little is known about this duo? from NYC, beyond the fact that their track “Trash Heap” on the Walkabout compilation is the one I have on repeat. Somehow with seemingly overly simplistic instrumentation they create an incredible complex soundscape that has impatiently waiting to see what happens live.



Subtle and psychedelic indie rockers play music that doesn’t fit any sort of mold as their expansive sound waits for no man to comprehend.



You know how it feels when you’re walking around on a miserably hot day and, out of nowhere, it starts rains just enough to cool it down? Or when you have a million thoughts in your head, and you’re hit with a moment of clarity just when you need it the most? Lean Hounds embody these sensations with thick, beautiful walls of sound comprised of synthesizers, layered rhythms, and choir-like vocals. Dynamic is easy enough to do, but where they excel is in the space between, keeping the perfect balance between tension and release.



The Loom make a type of folk rock that hates to be called folk rock. It’s Americana with a trumpet; pastoral rock with a seething electric guitar; it’s post-chamber-folk. Whatever label you’d like to stick onto The Loom, the simple truth is that they create great sounds with a great passion. Oh, and they have great beards.



If The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and the Blues Brothers all had an orgy, Hollis Brown was their love child.



Courtesy Teir is the kind of band I can see every time they come to town. I’ve been listening to and attending Courtesy Tier shows for years and have really enjoyed the way they have grown and progressed together. You get the sense they are having a great time doing what they do while their sound is consistently solid and on point. While they sing songs about real life and their music takes you to another place, even the non dancer has to tap his toe for these guys.



A creative collaboration of moodful Americana rock that surrounds itself with dusky vibes and rustic edges.



Bop until you drop.. dancing and singing these hooks as you try to get to sleep – a week after you’ve seen them live. It’s a great line up on stage: Michael Nesci (Vox, Guitar) delivers a dark soulful tone to the other wise bright incandensent guitar work of Alex Beninato. Cherie Hannouche’s keys provide a thick wall of sound for Kate Rogers buoyant basslines. Josh Harris’s tight drumming (pay attention to the awesome fills) provide boomastic drums worthy of any club. For fans of New Order, Arcade Fire, The Human League, The Smiths.



The Glorious Veins are one of those bands that gives the four-piece rock band one last excuse to exist. Amidst an ocean of suburban garage bands haplessly planted in the Five Boroughs recreating the past glories of Joy Division, Gang Of Four, and Radiohead, The Glorious Veins stand out as a colorful quartet paying homage to all that is well and good in rock ‘n roll while creating energetic and enthusiastic tunes on their own terms. This diverse and highly talented group makes no conscious attempt to reinvent a genre or adhere to the rigid indie-rock status quo. The eccentricity, musicianship, and creativity of The Glorious Veins is one-hundred percent organic while feeling like a sort of musical “comfort food” as opposed to a tepid serving of cous cous. The Glorious Veins are the last rock band on Earth, and any individual with even a passing love of the genre should consider giving The Glorious Veins a serious listen.



The Skins are a dynamic duo of rockstar candy you have to feel the black sabbath james brown from the vocalist to the guitar it a yummy array of taste and feel it also in the way they play with such passion emotional they will change the scope of music from rock pop and alternative even hip hop. I love the skins beyond words they music is so timeless and classical it led zeppelin + black sabbath and a james brown rock and roll you never heard it absoultely funkadelic and smooth as butter rock that has not been heard in so long from the guitar to the sexy voice and awesome drum that moves song like ocean or going down this group will be a chart toppers success. I love The Skins They are So funky it out of this world and i just love their sound lol.