Friday Lineup



In a world where pop-chicks and boy bands rule, Beast Make Bomb might almost be at home. Every melody is hummable, but with lyrics about broken hearts and zombies, they never veer too far into radio territory. At live shows, even non-fans eventually get a handle on the band’s various catchy hooks and sing along, and lead singer Ceci G has a knack for bringing down the house with a post-punky cover of Harvey Danger’s “Flagpole Sitta.” Beast Make Bomb is a “grrls-with-guitars” band through and through, but with a dash of sugar sparkle that makes them so thoroughly enjoyable as to make you forget about the formula and get your hands in the air.



With their upbeat instrumentals, whimsical vocals, and great rolling melodies, this trio from New York has been keeping us swaying and grooving. After their 2012 EP, “Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps,” their much-awaited debut album “Roots & Bells” landed two months ago to a sunny reception. Expect a veritable outpouring of summery cheer when Town Hall takes the stage at the Walkabout.



A soulful collaboration of rock n’ roll that will take over all the muscles in your body–the type of music that will make you fall in love with the person next to you



Seemingly playful enough to draw in the self-proclaimed purveyours of indie rock before clubbing them over the head like a baby seal.



Viva Mayday in a few words: visionary, revolutionary, post-punk, funk, rock n’ rollers. No words will ever be adequate enough to describe Viva’s fused sounds, but those are words that first come to mind when thinking about this veteran New York band. All one has to do is listen to “Monster” and if that doesn’t get you grooving on the dance floor, well then I fear for both your health and well-being.



Self-proclaimed gutter-glam straight from the intestines of NYC. Their trashing melodies brings painful joy and trips back to hardcore.



There’s not a huge amount to say about Fast Years at this moment in time, given that have just two tracks available online. What I do know is they’re a garage rock quartet from Brooklyn and that one of the said songs, “Young Heart” is a mile-a-minute, hook-a-plenty, good time jam. It’s essentially the sound of The Mooney Suzuki and The Von Bondies joining each other on stage at a heaving, sweat filled venue circa 2002-2003. Of course, with this genre of Ramones-aping rock, Fast Years will slide right into 2012′s indie rock landscape without anyone so much as batting an eyelid.



There are lot of lazy tags placed on instrumental music these days; post-pre-epic-math-dronepop-doomgaze-clownshoes-forfansof etc, etc, etc. I like to think of Cavallo as “train-of-thought” rock. Their sonic collaborations have a heaviness & catchyness, with enough parts and movements to impress with their ability, though it’s the organic way all these ideas flow together and evolve that impresses me. We almost never know how we got from point A to point B or that we were even on a journey with such a wide scope of vision, that is until the song ends and we practically snap out of it. Above all else, it rocks… for fans of music.



The brothers Penrose are a reminder that blues-rock is alive and well in Philadelphia.Three giants on-stage, all standing well over 6 feet, will provide a show packed with soulful tracks that have sloppy-but-not-too-sloppy riffs, loud fucking drums and a bassline that lets you know exactly how you should be moving to the music. Wait until the end of the set when they’ll all rush off to the bar, buy these guys a beer and be ready to bang your head… you won’t be able to help it!