Bushwick Walkabout Festival 2012

July 13th & 14th – Brooklyn Fireproof

2 Days, 21 Bands, FREE $#@!

FREE BEER courtesy of Sixpoint Brewery
FREE COCKTAILS courtesy of 42 Below and Société Perrier
NO HANGOVERS courtesy of Mercy
FREE MUSIC courtesy of Yelp


Tickets at Door:

Two-Day Pass: $25 Single Day Pass: $20

CMJ (College Music Journal)
“Bushwick Walkabout didn’t stoop to superficiality. I had very little knowledge of any of the bands playing, so I used Walkabout as a tool for music discovery. This wasn’t the case for many of the criminally hip members of the audience. At any given moment, you could locate at least five people singing along with each band. There were never any moments when the audience seemed to be not enjoying or at least not paying any of the bands respect. When it comes down to it, the point of a music event, no matter how big or small, is for the people in attendance to enjoy what’s going on at the front.”

Scout Mob
“We love everything about music festivals. Oh, except for quick sell-outs, ridiculous pass prices, set conflicts, overhyped bands and overpriced booze. With all of that taken into consideration, it seems we really are poised to love everything about Bushwick Walkabout, this weekend’s mini music fest, for reminding us how simple and spirited an indie music fest should be.”

Bushwick Daily | Flavorpill


The L Magazine
“It seems safe to say that Bushwick Walkabout, a two-day immersion of under-the-radar bands, was the underdog music event of the weekend. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it also didn’t see pretentious bystanders, $5 beers, or the threat of heat exhaustion… maybe, one or two years from now, these will be the bands everyone will declare are “killing it” in Chicago this weekend.”

QRO Magazine
“Bushwick Walkabout was way out in Brooklyn, but had the energy of something nestled right in the city.  Particularly impressive was that, even with a line-up of bands you’d at best only heard of, there wasn’t a real ‘weak point’ in the event and that’s with a line-up that wasn’t really devoted to a single hipster-style of music.  A strong and diverse line-up of bands you don’t know but you should is hard to pull off, Bushwick Walkabout did it.”

Whatever Blog | BushwickBK.com